Why Civil Society Needs Great Stories

This address, which I delivered recently to the Dallas chapter of the St Thomas More Society, sums up how I believe stories help to form our moral character, and why they are so important to creating a virtuous society.Continue readingWhy Civil Society Needs Great Stories

Great Free Ebook on Prayer and Holiness

A free ebook by Connie Rossini sums up five key insights into the Christian life.Continue readingGreat Free Ebook on Prayer and Holiness

Ruminating on The Father’s Tale

Good readers know that books often need time to be digested before we can derive the greatest pleasure from them. The Father’s Tale, by Michael D. O’Brien may be one of these.Continue readingRuminating on The Father’s Tale

Review: Ad Limina, by Cyril Jones-Kellett

Cyril Jones-Kellett’s Catholic science fiction novel, Ad Limina, shows us where our own world might be headed and raises questions about cultural trends of our own day.Continue readingReview: Ad Limina, by Cyril Jones-Kellett

Review: Andrew Seddon’s Saints Alive!

Andrew Seddon’s short stories bring alive saints of the early Church, many of whom have faded from our collective memory. Recommended: Saints Alive! New Stories of Old Saints, by Andrew M. Seddon.Continue readingReview: Andrew Seddon’s Saints Alive!

Poetic Truth according to Vico

Giambattista Vico’s rather eccentric theory of Graeco-Roman history helped me see that some truths simply can’t be expressed adequately in “plain words.” For this, we need poetry, which provides concrete analogies for ineffable realitiesContinue readingPoetic Truth according to Vico

The Hunger Games Left a Bad Taste in My Mouth

After enjoying the first Hunger Games movie, I tried the original book trilogy and found them to be uninspiring and unrelentingly dreary.Continue readingThe Hunger Games Left a Bad Taste in My Mouth

An Odd and Endearing Protagonist

Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas character is unusual not only for his paranormal gifts but for his sense of responsibility toward his fellow man — even the dead ones.Continue readingAn Odd and Endearing Protagonist