Apocalypse and Alternate History

In 1907, popular Catholic novelist Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson looked forward to a dystopia much like our own day, in Lord of All. His later book, Dawn of All, presents a dream of what the world might be if it abandoned modernist ideology and submitted to the Church.Continue readingApocalypse and Alternate History

The Narnia Code: Unveiling Hidden Meaning

Michael Ward’s The Narnia Code explains how C. S. Lewis was inspired by a medieval cosmology that invests his Narnia Chronicles with hidden meaning.Continue readingThe Narnia Code: Unveiling Hidden Meaning

Toxic TV: From Vast Wasteland to Vast Cesspool

HERE’S THE LINK to the blog post that I tried to link to in my reply to Terry’s comment on “Beauty and Truth in Art” — Catholic in Brooklyn: TV: From Vast Wasteland to Vast Cesspool.  Thanks for writing this post, Catholic…Continue readingToxic TV: From Vast Wasteland to Vast Cesspool

Beauty and Truth in Art

Real beauty is allied with truth and leads us to contemplation. We should not waste time on trash passing itself off as art, but develop our faculty to perceive truth through beauty.Continue readingBeauty and Truth in Art

Poetic Knowledge, the Lost “Science”

The world is a poorer and more dangerous place these days, because our imaginations have been starved. Join the Christian counter-culture by feeding your poetic imagination with great literary works that reveal the truth about human nature.Continue readingPoetic Knowledge, the Lost “Science”